Why IQOS Heets Are a Game Changer for Smokers in the UAE

For many smokers in the UAE, smoking tobacco has been a part of their daily routine for years. But with an increasing number of smoking bans and restrictions being enforced, smoking has become a lot harder to enjoy, leading many smokers to seek out alternatives. One such alternative is the IQOS system and Heets, which have quickly gained popularity in the country. In this blog post, we’ll explore why IQOS Heets are a game changer for smokers in the UAE.

What is IQOS? It’s a system that heats tobacco without burning it, unlike traditional cigarettes. It works by heating a small tobacco stick, known as a Heet, which contains ground tobacco, glycerin, and cellulose fibers. What sets the IQOS system apart is that the tobacco is heated to a temperature below 350 degrees Celsius, which means no smoke is produced and harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide are significantly reduced.

One major advantage of using IQOS Heets in UAE is that they produce significantly less odor and smoke than traditional cigarettes. This makes it a perfect smoking alternative for those who don’t want to bother others with the smell or don’t want to be exposed to harmful second-hand smoke. This also means that the product can be used in areas with smoking bans, providing smokers with a more socially acceptable way of smoking.

Another benefit of IQOS Heets is that they come in a variety of flavors, including menthol, amber, and others. This means smokers can enjoy different flavors and experiment with new ones without the need to smoke multiple packs of cigarettes. Flavors such as menthol provide a cooling sensation which can be particularly enjoyable in warmer climates.

With the traditional cigarettes, many smokers have reported harshness in their throats, caused by the smoke produced. However, with IQOS Heets, this is significantly reduced, making it a smoother experience. Many smokers may also appreciate the consistency in the product, as well as the fact that they don’t have to worry about ash, as the tobacco sticks are disposable.


The IQOS system and Heets are clearly gaining a lot of traction in the UAE, and for good reason. It provides smokers with a more socially acceptable way of smoking, produces less odor and smoke, comes in various flavors, and offers a smoother smoking experience. While it’s important to bear in mind that IQOS products still contain nicotine and are not risk-free, they do represent a significant improvement over traditional cigarettes, and an intriguing alternative for smokers looking for a change.