How to Replace a Bathroom Sink

The majority of the bathrooms in different households have at least a bath and shower. However a bathroom is not fully completed without the presence of a sink in the premises. If you have a sink that has been damaged or cracked in some ways and cannot work properly and efficiently,How to Replace a Bathroom Sink Articles then this article will come handy, because it’ll help you with the replacement process of the sink. The bathroom sink is an important and crucial part of the bathroom, because it serves as a place in which the household members can perform the shaving, brushing and checking up of their appearance. That’s why it is essential to have your bathroom sink replaced when it is damaged.
Here are a number of steps to follow in order to tackle the replacing process properly:

The first thing that you have to do is to turn off the water supply to the sink. After that you have to open up the valves and just let remaining water drain. By using proper pliers you have to remove the drain line, which is situated at the base of the sink.
You carry on and loosen up the nut, which lies beneath so in that way, you can remove the trap. Retreat the trap with the help of a upright pipe to the base of the sink. Remove the supply lines that lead up to the sink and also the retaining clips under it
Dispose of the sink with the help of a screwdriver and try and pry the sink up from under the sink. The goal in this exercise is to separate the sink from the caulking, that is holding it down, without causing any damage to the vanity itself. If you find it difficult to complete this step, then you are advised to use the help of a butter knife and precisely try and push the caulking in from the bottom side of the sink.
In order to remove the faucet insinkerator installers you’ll have to loosen the nut at the bottom of the sink, that is holding it. Then you have to check the newly-bought sink for size and draw the outline of the sink with the help of a chalk.
In this particular step the goal is to see whether the caulking has to go on the sink first or on the vanity. The caulking has to be applied precisely and carefully to the outline of the vanity if there is no ledge available on the sink.
Insert the sink into the hole in the vanity and you have to make sure that you fix its position before the caulking comes into contact with the vanity. After the positioning has been completed, then you have to lay the sink down and push it down around the outside of the sink. In the end you have to mount the retaining clips underneath the sink and tighten the screws.
Use a wet finger and wipe all of the excess caulk around the sink. In addition to this you also have to clean up the excess on the vanity with the usage of wet rag.
Put the plastic gasket on the bottom of the faucet and insert it into the holes in the sink. Install the washers and nuts on the bottom of the faucets inlet lines. Install the hot and cold inlet lines to the faucet.
When you are Installing the trap you are advised to place it in between the top sink drain and the lower drain pipe and run the nuts on the pipe. Turn the water back on and examine the sink for any possible sign of leaks.

If you follow the steps, which were mentioned above, you will manage to perform the replacing process of your sink accurately and precisely. However if you are not certain in your skill set, it’s better to leave this task in the hands of the true professionals from handyman in Richmond. Contact them and they will be more than glad to give you a hand with your home project.