How to Choose the Best Garage Door Company

Most garage door openers feature simple mechanisms and therefore tend to last for a long time without any troubles or faults. However,you may have a number of reasons to replace your garage door openers under the conditions discussed below. Understand that technology is evolving day by day and a good amount of sophistication and convenience is getting into the newer line of products. The new models of garage doors offer enhanced security, safety and convenience features. Read on to see whether you will have to change your garage door opener for a new one.

It is legally mandatory that garage door Garage Door Cable Repair
manufactured after 1993 should have safety reversing mechanism. This mechanism makes use of two sensors fixed at about six inches above the floor level on either side of the garage door. If an object, vehicle, child, pet or person happens to walk through the opening while the door is closing, the sensor will automatically detect it and will cause the door to stop and reverse at once without causing any damage. You must think of changing your garage door opener if it does not have this mechanism or the mechanism does not work.

Noisy garage door openers are a big nuisance to homes and commercial establishments. If you feel the garage door opener you have installed is noisy, then it is advisable you change it for a new model opener that is bound to be quieter. The older types of garage door openers came with chain drives. These models are the noisiest ones. Even the newer chain drive models are quieter than the older ones. However, the best options could be a belt drive opener in the first place and or a screw derive opener in the second place if the least noisy one is your priority.

The older models of garage door openers did not have enough security features. They were vulnerable to thieves. Since their remote control worked on a fixed code, thieves with a special device can detect the code and open the garage door. Rolling code feature is an ideal feature for garage door openers. This feature will change the code each time the garage door is operated. Therefore, it is not possible to detect the codes and enter the house uninvited.

In the older kind of garage door openers, there were no keypads that could be mounted outside the garage. This feature will enable you enter a particular code in the keypad to open it automatically without any keys. It is possible to install a keypad with your existing garage door opener. If not, it is one good reason to upgrade for a new one. The newer models do not even require you to memorise codes. They work by finger print detection mechanism.

The traditional garage door openers cannot be operated when there is a power outage. The newer models come with battery backup feature enabling you to operate them anytime without getting strangled when there is no electric power.